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Stop Motion Animation Training

Learn the secrets of Stop Motion Animation

Animation Training For Young Creatives

Our animation training is perfect for teachers, homeschoolers, and kids eager to jump in and learn.  Our introductory class is geared for 10-14 year old kids with little or no experience with animation or the filmmaking process.

Easy To Start

Our introductory course is easy to start. Nearly everyone has access to a smart phone. These also happen to work really well for stop motion animation!


We focus on getting you up and animating fast with practical instruction. Using plenty of visual examples, students explore a variety of concepts with hands on exercises.

Strong Foundations

Students will learn key foundational concepts in animation. These are presented with hands on learning exercises to reinforce those principles.

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Our Instructor

Peter Wagner is a video producer, filmmaker and animator. He is the owner of Media Kiln, LLC, a video production company specializing in cinematography, animation and visual effects. He has worked on feature films, television productions, as well as animated series.
Peter Wagner