Our Stop Motion Animation Course List

Stop Motion Animation Primer (Free Course)

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This sampler course will introduce students to the core animation principals, as well as the equipment, software and supplies needed.  It includes:

  • A lesson on animation principals
  • Setting up your animation workstation
  • Tutorials on using stop motion animation software and creating your first animated film
  • An introduction to the variety of techniques in stop motion animation, from cut our animation to clay animation.

Introduction to Stop Motion Animation

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This course will walk you through the whole process of stop motion animation, including:

  • Teaching fundamental principals in stop motion animation
  • Provide practical instruction that will get you animating right from the beginning of the class
  • Provide animation exercises that will help reinforce key animation concepts
  • Guide the student through the process of creating an­­­­animated film, starting with how to develop a story all the way through to a finished film.
  • Learn tricks and techniques that professional animators use

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